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I Just Had To!
Bored on a Monday

I lnow I havent posted in a while iv just had the time of my life this last December and January with honestly the best people I’ve ever known .I had the time of my life legit I dont think ill ever have a better time in my life but then I moved to Australia to start to give my self a better future as there are more opportunities here for me but sadly I have left my best mates in SA which is driving me crazy! I have never felt so lost , so confused and like an outsider… I’m starting to doubt every thing I do .I thought I found who I was and whobi wanted to be in December and now I’ve lost it and I dont like who I am here .all thease thoughts keep me up at night and make me feel like shit I dont know what to do… So I just sat here and hit a bong and decided to wright this stupid note .hopeing it could in some way help me to feel better. It doesnt matter who sees or if no one even sees it!